Armstrong Air Heat Pump

An example of an Armstrong Air brand Heat Pump that we sell at Coleman Heating

A heat pump is a fantastic home comfort option for people living in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area. Heat pumps are very capable of handling the moderate year-round climate we experience in southern British Columbia. Coleman Heating’s heat pumps provide year round comfort and performance by keeping your home warmer or cooler, depending on what you need. Heat pumps are an all around great solution to total home comfort.

How Heat Pumps Work

The reason heat pumps are so ideally suited for the Vancouver area is that heat pumps transfer heat from outdoors to inside when needed. When cooling is needed the heat pump transfers the heat from inside to the outside. This is done using a nifty device that switches the cycle around called a reversing valve. Air conditioners and furnaces are stand alone units, but with a heat pump, the reversing valve makes the air conditioning cycle act as heater when needed and vice versa.

Even with a heat pump, an indoor unit known as an air handler is still needed. The air handler houses the blower, which moves the air into the home, and more importantly brings the air back to the handler for filtering and hopefully air treatment. This means that the warm or cool air returning to your home is not only comfortable, but clean.

Coleman Heating offers a wide variety of heat pumps from a number of different manufacturers including:

Coleman Heating’s comfort specialists can make heat pump recommendations and help you choose the right product for your home. Depending on the home and where the heat pump is being installed, we have found that certain products and manufacturers have advantages over others. It is best to review your home comfort needs carefully with a specialist who can conduct a heat gain and heat loss calculation of your home and make a recommendation on the best options for your comfort needs.

Heat Pump Considerations

The following are a handful of items to consider when considering having a heat pump installed in your home:

  • How you currently use your total comfort system.
  • How your lifestyle is set up regarding keeping temperature in the home.
  • How long you plan to remain in the home.
  • Hot or cold spots in the home.
  • Future plans for remodeling or home additions.
  • Allergies
  • Budget
  • Environmental sensitivity
  • Ideal air temperatures
  • Your existing air duct systems ability to adapt to the addition of a heat pump

A Coleman Heating heat pump specialist can visit with you directly to survey your home and discuss these items. This allows us to gauge what your best options are and make those recommendations only after a thorough and comprehensive engineering analysis has been done. We can then provide you with estimates on different options that will fit your budget.