Napoleon 9700 Gas Furnace

An example of a Napoleon 9700 series Gas Furnace that we sell at Coleman Heating

At Coleman Heating we have chosen our furnaces specifically to meet the needs of our customers in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area. Because the climate in southern British Columbia is temperate, we’re able to offer many options for your home comfort needs.

Even though our climate is relatively moderate, high efficiency furnaces are worth your consideration. These systems are more environmentally friendly because they use less energy, which will in turn save you money. Not only will the environment and your wallet take less abuse over the long run, but these systems qualify for various rebates – benefits you will experience right away!

We have furnaces that are up to 97% efficient. We carry several excellent brands to choose from including Napoleon and Amrstrong. While our technicians will provide you with their expert advice on what system best meets your home’s needs, we can install any furnace brand you may choose. All furnaces have strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to factor in all aspects of a new furnace installation project when making a decision.

Coleman Heating also carries furnaces that take advantage of modern technology, known as modulating gas furnaces. We have found that modulating gas furnaces make great sense for energy savings because they use only the gas needed to supply heat based on usage, not just blasting away on a full heating cycle. Most gas furnaces have speeds, but even these speeds generate too much energy use and provide extra heat to your home. A modulating system ramps up based on the actual required energy needed and that saves you money as well as saves the environment.

Gas furnaces come in two basic efficiency ranges with numerous options in each range:

Mid Efficiency Furnaces

These furnaces typically have 80-89% efficiency. These are considered “smart” furnaces because they adjust the volume of heat and air flow to match your needs. Types of mid efficiency furnaces include but aren’t limited to:

  • Standard mid efficiency furnaces.
  • Two Stage Gas Valve furnaces – high fire stage, and low fire stage
  • Modulating gas valve mid efficiency furnaces – the valve has as many as 65 stages

High Efficiency Furnaces

Furnaces that offer 90-97% efficiency are considered high efficiency units. These units are super smart, adjusting to the needs of the home’s call for air and heat, and they are generally very quiet and dependable.

  • Standard high efficiency furnace -90%-92% efficient
  • 90% plus – Modulating gas valve furnaces – again, varying the stages of heat to your needs
  • Super high efficiency unit – 95% plus – modulating and or variable speed

For the higher efficiency choices, we can install from 90% all the way up to 97% efficient units. Meaning 97% of the gas used is converted into heat for your home. Depending upon your budget and your air quality needs, there are numerous options for super high efficiency furnaces that provide maximum comfort, along with maximum savings and return on your investment. They may cost a bit more to install upfront, but they run so efficiently that they save money over time by using less energy, which also lowers the environmental impact.

Mid efficiency furnaces, with their 80-89% efficiency range, make sense for smaller homes or homes that just do not use much heat. Though not as environmentally friendly as higher efficiency units, mid efficiency furnaces are cheaper at the point of installation and can be a good fit for homes that require less heat.

Dual Fuel Furnaces

Informed consumers often ask Coleman Heating experts about dual fuel systems. These are home heating combination systems that heat with a gas furnace when it’s best to do so and electric heat when it’s more cost beneficial to the homeowner. It’s the best of both worlds.

For homeowners who want to have their cake and eat it too, we combine super high efficiency gas furnace comfort and smart technology with an ultra high efficiency heat pump which will provide the heat when it is best to do so based on utility rates. The heat pump will also act as the home’s air conditioner and provide cooling any time it’s needed.

Dual fuel furnaces are truly the best systems available, particularly when combined with a zone control system. The home will maintain optimum comfort on a room by room basis while controlling humidity, air quality and overall energy usage. Upfront costs on dual fuel furnaces are higher than traditional units, but they provide maximum comfort in any home and they’re the most eco-friendly.