Elbow Duct Work Fitting with Roof Jack

An example of a custom elbow duct work fitting with roof jack that we make as part of a residential duct system at Coleman Heating

Whether you are constructing a new building or are purchasing an existing one, it is essential to have your duct work laid out correctly and professionally. Coleman Heating offers the highest level of service and the most competitive pricing in the Greater Vancouver Area.

What’s up, duct?

The word “duct” can refer to one of many things: tear duct, duct tape, viaduct. The ducts that we at Coleman Heating refer to here are HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) ducts. These ducts are tubing systems that move and transfer air, and a well-planned duct system maximizes indoor air quality, energy efficiency and comfort in your home or business.

Why is a good duct system important?

Proper air distribution is essential to every home and business and is vital to good building maintenance. Safety is imperative, energy efficiency saves you money and contributes to the environment, and thermal comfort is the most noticeable tangible difference between a poorly laid duct system and a well-designed one. Leaky ducts, for example, can waste a lot of air that can otherwise go towards heating or cooling your home, resulting in astronomic energy bills as your furnace or air conditioner struggles to provide the appropriate amount of heated or cooled air to your building.

How does Coleman Heating customize duct systems?

We call these systems duct work! We survey your residential or business layout and develop a plan for the ducts, including:

  • Sizing and proper fitting
  • Optimizing ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Detailing insulated and sealed ducts
  • Minimizing pressure loss

Ducts are made up of sectioned tubes of sheet metal that are carefully designed to convey either heated or cooled air from your furnace or air conditioner. A duct system is constructed with several basic elements. The entry point, located at the source of air distribution (your furnace or air conditioner), is called a plenum. The plenum is followed by conduits, or tubing, which delivers the air into your home or business through the distribution points – the registers – which can be located in the floor, walls or ceilings of your building.

Have you ever jumped at the strange sound of rattling in your walls? If it’s coming from your duct system, one of the likely causes is the lack of vibration isolators. Furnaces and air conditioners emit vibrations from the force of their blowers, and your ducts may be “rattling” at the connection points, distributing a noise echo through your duct system. We install vibration isolators at the entry points of all duct work.

I want to get my ducts in a row!

Our experienced, certified contractors would design your HVAC duct system according to your specific needs and provide superb professional installation. Call us at 604-466-5895 or fill out our online contact form and speak to one of our experienced representatives today!