Home Energy Audit

Coleman Heating home efficiency auditors are very friendly and professional

If you are looking to make your home more energy efficient, an energy audit is your first stop. At Coleman Heating, our home energy auditors are trained to examine your home as a system, provide you with information on how your home currently functions, and give advice on how you can increase your home’s energy efficiency. Our energy auditors happily serve the entire Greater Vancouver Area.

Do I need an audit?

You may have noticed cool drafts, extremely hot or cold pockets or excess moisture in your home. This is a sign that air is leaking into your home and may be increasing your utility bills. Our home energy auditors can point out areas where you are losing heat and make recommendations to allow for consistent temperatures to flow through your home.

Home energy audits are also required as part of the application process for renovation grants such as LiveSmart BC.

What can I expect from an audit?

In a home energy audit, our auditors provide you with unbiased advice on ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Our goal is to not only make your home more energy efficient, but also to increase your comfort in your home.

Home Energy Audit Infographic

An example of how a home can lose heat and energy through windows, the attic, and leaks

Coleman Heating auditors use qualified testing equipment and computer software to assess the energy efficiency of your home by quantifying heat loss and humidity levels in your home. Your audit will explain how the components of your home combine to work together, suggest energy-efficient products that can increase your efficiency, and assist in making informed decisions on the most effective upgrades for your home.

Although our auditors will assess your home and advise you on energy improvements, you will only experience the changes and see the savings if you follow through with improvements. It is a good idea to define an energy reduction target once you have received the assessment and develop a plan and time-line to make your efficiency changes or upgrades.

Our auditors will also refer you to any federal and provincial grants and incentives that can assist in funding your necessary upgrades.

Audit me!

Our home energy auditors would be happy to assist you in finding the best ways to improve your efficiency and save you money on your utility bills. Call us today at 604-466-5895 and speak with one of our qualified representatives, or fill out our online contact form.