“Our furnace broke down and stopped working in the middle of January on a cold winter night. We tried calling several local HVAC places; however other companies had wait times that were up to 2 days! When we called Coleman Heating, they arrived at our house within 2 hours of calling them. Their service was efficient and well priced.”

Joe in Maple Ridge

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“This summer during the week of heat our house was unbearable, I called many local HVAC companies and Coleman Heating was the only one that called me back and came out right away. Now I have a wonderful heat pump that will cool us down in the summer and help us affordably heat our home in the winter! I can’t believe I suffered so many years without a heat pump. The guys were great and super friendly. I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone. A job well done!”

Shelly in Surrey

“My furnace stopped working today. I called Coleman Heating and was so pleased to hear they could get to our house the same day of my call. Brian just left after repairing my furnace and my fingers are warm enough to type now, I just wanted to say he was fast, efficient and explained everything he did to my furnace in detail. Thank you to Coleman Heating, I will be telling all of my friends!”

Sandra in Surrey

Gas Furnaces

At Coleman Heating we have chosen our furnaces specifically to meet the needs of our customers in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area. Because the climate in southern British Columbia is temperate, we’re able to offer many options for your home comfort needs. Even though our climate is relatively moderate, high efficiency furnaces are worth your consideration. 

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Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a fantastic home comfort option for people living in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area. Heat pumps are very capable of handling the moderate year-round climate we experience in southern British Columbia. Coleman Heating’s heat pumps provide year round comfort and performance by keeping your home warmer or cooler, depending on what you need. Heat pumps are an all around great solution to total home comfort.

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Air Conditioning

Whether your old air conditioning system is in need of major expensive repairs, simply costing you too much in energy expenses to operate or you want to take advantage of the thousands of dollars available to you through various rebates for new air conditioning systems, Coleman Heating specializes in working with homeowners to design a new central air conditioning system that fits your home and your budget. 

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Residential Boilers

A boiler is a unit that produces what is known as “wet heat”, which comes in the form of either hot water or steam. The boiler heats water either until it turns to steam or just very hot water. This steam or water is then sent from the boiler to a piping system throughout the home or building to provide efficient, economical and even heat. Boilers can also provide hot water to homes and businesses.

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Water Heaters

Whether you’re looking for our water heater maintenance services, repair services, or you’re wanting to have a new tank installed, Coleman Heating is here to help. Our experienced and highly trained technicians have the skills necessary to assess each individual situation and provide the best recommendations and service, in as timely a manner possible. 

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Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters heat water directly without the use of a standard water heater storage tank. Tankless water heaters avoid the standby heat losses that occur with basic water heaters since there is no stored water. The alternative name, on demand water heater, perfectly describes how these highly efficient systems work. Coleman Heating is your Vancouver area tankless water heater installation, maintenance and repair expert. 

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Service and Repair

You might think furnace-related maintenance is only for the winter months, but you’d be surprised at how a tune-up and repair can increase your comfort and efficiency through the summer months, as well! Your air conditioner uses the same air handler as your furnace, so regular furnace tune ups will make sure both your cooling and heating systems run efficiently year round. Coleman Heating offers furnace tune ups by certified professionals to building owners in Greater Vancouver. 

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When you are trying to save money around the house, a new thermostat is definitely worth looking into. Sure, your old thermostat works fine. But there are a lot of features available on newer models that can help you save money on your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. And you do not need to wait until it is time to replace your home comfort system to upgrade your thermostat. Most thermostats can work with many different types of heating and cooling systems. 

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Air Filters                                

Your filter may seem like a small part of your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system, but it is one of the most important components. Indoor air is trapped air, and much of it is composed of a mixture of human skin particles, fabric particles, pet dander, microscopic insect droppings, smoke, pollen and any other variety of pollutants. Replacing your air filter regularly will help with home comfort and efficiency. 

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Home Energy Audit              

In a home energy audit, our auditors provide you with unbiased advice on ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Our goal is to not only make your home more energy efficient, but also to increase your comfort in your home. Home energy audits are also required as part of the application process for renovation grants such as LiveSmart BC.

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Gas Fireplace Service

Your gas fireplace should be cleaned and inspected once a year to keep it maintained – most manufacturers recommend that you service it as the fall season begins (September – October) so that it is ready for optimal use in the winter months. It is also very highly recommended that you have your gas fireplace serviced by an authorized professional to ensure your safety and that of your home, and improve your fireplace’s efficiency. 

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Duct Work and Sheet Metal

Whether you are constructing a new building or are purchasing an existing one, it is essential to have your duct work laid out correctly and professionally. Coleman Heating offers the highest level of service and the most competitive pricing in the Greater Vancouver Area. Proper air distribution is essential to every home and business and is vital to good building maintenance. 

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Radiant Infloor Heating

In-floor heating is nothing new – the ancient Romans used radiant floor heating for their bathhouses and Koreans have heated their palaces and homes in this manner for centuries. With the most recent, advanced technology, a properly maintained floor heating system can endure a life span of up to 40 years, and the use of durable pipes called PEX can last you more than 50 years.

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Plumbing and Drainage

You may have just walked into your basement only to find yourself standing in a foot of water. Or perhaps you’ve recently strolled into the bathroom just in time to see your child flush his sock collection down the toilet. Whatever the case may be, you certainly need a plumber! From clogged sinks to burst pipes, we at Coleman Heating will provide you with reliable, professional service from our plumbing experts.

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Electrical Services

Whether you are constructing a building, installing some fancy new home lighting, or experiencing electrical problems, Coleman Heating is here to provide you with expert, custom electrician services from our qualified electricians. We provide services for both residential and commercial applications throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. 

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